Objects and specials  

Karlsruhe, townhouse (year of construction approx. 1920)

Exterior plaster investigations with chemical and mineralogical determination of the composition taking into account massive salt damage

Angelbachtal, residential building (year of construction approx. 1880)

Interior plaster investigations with chemical and mineralogical determination of the composition taking into account massive salt damage after massive moisture damage from the outside

"Monument Preservation in Asia" - 30 years of Collaborative Research Center 315,

Festival Colloquium, Karlsruhe (October 2nd, 2015)

Expert opinion on the mortar analysis from the "Rheinauhafen-Cologne" building

Chemical and mineralogical determination of the joint mortar, determination of the binder content and binder-aggregate ratio with grading curve characterization

Drill core determination from single-family houses

Chemical and mineralogical determination of the composition

Investigation of building materials on the interiors of residential buildings

Mold determination

Color concepts on historical natural stone facades in the course of time

Themed walk, Karlsruhe Oststadt on the Open Monument Day on September 14, 2014

"Mysterious buildings - what natural stone, plaster and mortar reveal"

Rotary Club, Worms, 11/24/2014

"Analytical investigation procedures as an aid to assessing damage to buildings"

Practical seminar natural stone masonry, Karlsruhe, January 24, 2015

"Posting from the partner's point of view - global work, women's career and family"

Event by VdU and KPMG in Mannheim, February 24, 2015

Halbergstrasse, Ludwigshafen

"Investigations of the cellar vault with inventory through drill cores"

  • Radiographic examinations for the mineralogical composition
  • Determination of harmful salts with ion chromatography


"Investigations of the old oil press"
Statement on the fire-damaged building material of the old oil press

St. Josef, Frankfurt Höchst

"Investigations on the building material of St. Josef"
Chemical and mineralogical determination - Physical parameters


Mold investigation and assessment

Open Monument Day, City of Karlsruhe

"Stone tour in the Weststadt"

Shanghai, International Conference on Sustainable Building Restoration and Revitalization-2013,

"Saving Historical Buildings" - Presentation and paper, meeting

Landau / Ludwigshafen employment agency

"Professional networking for women" - BIZ and Donna event series

Wiesbaden Conference as part of the EUHEF fair: "Buildings made of natural stone masonry"

Investigate, evaluate and repair
Moderation through the conference program

Church in Frankweiler

Palatinate plaster damage / salinization

Historical Museum, Frankfurt

Sample examination with damage analysis
Salinization of mortar
Difficulty in determining a replacement mortar

Screed and granite examination

Private owner in Karlsruhe

  • Screed with moisture damage
  • Granite with screed contamination


“Blindness” of the windows despite constant restoration
Climatic conditions extreme (tropical), humidity and solar radiation very high.

Sentosa Colonial Homes, Singapore

Assessment of clinker damage conversion to a golf club

Chinese temples, Singapore

Plaster damage

Speyer Memorial Church

Investigation and analysis of fountain rock (granite)
Discoloration of the fountain rock - Finding the cause

Protestant church in Monsheim / Zellertal

Plaster and building block investigation
Material damage
Problem: pure quartz sandstone that was difficult to work with

Rectory of Niederkirchen

Damage from moisture
Dehumidification measures were carried out, the success of which should be proven quantitatively

Trifelsgymnasium / Anweiler

Investigation of clinker and concrete

Mill in Obrigheim (2002)

Plaster and building block investigation
Completely dilapidated mill should be renovated for a youth project
Basic knowledge of the building materials was necessary

St. Stefan in Karlsruhe

St. Johannes, Bühl-Vimbach
Damage mapping

Maulbronn Monastery

Examination of plaster and building blocks, salt damage

Hohenrechberg Castle

Building block investigation, fire damage

Osnabrück Cathedral

Plaster and building block investigation


Plaster and building block investigation